A Hazy IPA brewed to raise money for hurricane relief.

100% of the profits from the beer go to a charitable organization that is directly working in the affected areas.

Hurricane Ian absolutely devastated the lives and businesses of our neighbors in Southwest Florida, particularly Fort Myers and its surrounding areas.

As Floridians, we see our fair share of hurricanes. We see so many of them that we often become desensitized, it becomes easy for us to be complacent and apathetic. We forget that hurricanes are terrifying forces of nature, as Hurricane Ian has shown.

We can’t control the weather, but we can help those affected by it; by brewing a beer with our friends to raise money for a good cause. The lack of control and feeling of helplessness is a big part of why FLORIDA STRONG happened.

This isn’t the first storm to uproot the lives of Floridians and unfortunately won’t be the last. But we’re resilient. We’ve rebuilt before and will again. That’s what FLORIDA STRONG is.

How To Help + Join The Cause

Any brewery is welcome to participate, as long as they donate the profits to a charitable organization providing hurricane relief in the affected area
The Recipe for FLORIDA STRONG was created by Unseen Creatures Brewing and Blending, and intentionally kept as simple as possible. We want to make it easy for any brewery to join the cause!
FLORIDA STRONG'S label was designed by Unseen Creatures to be simple and to the point. We want it to be neutral and not something that was strictly highlighting our own brewery. The more breweries committed to this goal, the more people we can help – and the stronger FLORIDA STRONG'S mission will become!


FLORIDA STRONG signifies strength and unity. It’s an opportunity to help our friends and neighbors when they need us the most. Less than a week after a category 4 hurricane devastated parts of southwestern Florida, we started mobilizing. Then on Friday, Oct. 7 2022, over twenty of our peers in the South Florida beer community gathered at Unseen Creatures in Miami to brew this beer – together. Included in that are several breweries involved who were directly impacted by Hurricane Ian.

The intent of this beer is to raise money for charitable organizations that are helping out in the areas struck by disaster. By working together, we can exponentially increase our ability to help in a collaborative way. To that end, we made the FLORIDA STRONG recipe and label accessible to all breweries.

We love brewing beer and think it would be awesome to come together as one community and help others by doing what we love!

Florida brewers team up to support victims of Hurricane Ian

The following breweries have brewed their own versions of FLORIDA STRONG:

-Unseen Creatures Brewing & Blending- Miami, FL
To be listed, please send proof of donation to [email protected]. Proof can be as simple as a screenshot or photo of the donation page or confirmation. In the proof email, please include the name and location of your brewery, the size of your system, and a logo you would like us to use.